4 ways to soundproof the apartment

There is nothing worse than noise outside the wall of a neighboring apartment. You cannot fall asleep; it is hard to concentrate on their affairs and just not comfortable when the rumble is behind the wall. What to do? Use the tools to soundproof your apartment.


Block the noise between rooms

The main part of the noise can block almost any soft material. Felt, wood chips and foam perfectly isolate the room from extraneous noise. Fastening is performed directly on the walls, ceilings, furniture, partitions in the premises and to the doors. Wooden furniture and various sofas help to reduce the level of external noise.

Many builders advise using a mix of wood fibers and cement to achieve protection from extraneous noise. The density of the material contributes to the absorption of extraneous sounds and creates a comfortable atmosphere in the house or apartment.

Blocking outside noise from the street

Blocking outside noise from the street

Noise easily penetrates the apartment from the street, if the windows have a single glass. The best option would be a window with three-layer glass. If this is not possible, hang heavy or very thick curtains with many layers of fabric and thick drapes. Be sure to check the seals around each window of the door leaf for gaps.

Also, help to drown out the noise of carpets and pillows. All these materials not only reduce the sounds, not allowing them to spread around the house but also decorate the room. Some interior styles are most suitable for this. In a modern interior, a lot of carpets may be superfluous.

Acoustic screens

Acoustic screens

Another proven way to effectively turn off the sound is acoustic foam screens. This method is very effective and fairly cheap, but its serious drawback is the need to install screens on the wall, not on it. In practice, this means a small repair. Instead of foam rubber may be mineral wool. In this case, it is worth resorting to the help of builders.

The noise passing through the ceilings and walls

The noise passing through the ceilings and walls

Sounds are familiar to all, are made by a creaky wooden floor. You can put a thick carpet on the floor, and it is better to repair the floorboards in the next apartment. But to reduce the noise of the room through the wall, you can use bookshelves or solid furniture, attached to the wall. Add a sheet of Styrofoam or extradural behind the shelves for greater sound blocking.

As a temporary alternative, additional noise can be used as isolation from extraneous sounds. A simple fan or air conditioner for the window unit will create a noise protection and cool you at the same time. The trick is simple and effective only in summer. Such tricks will improve the noise insulation in the room and create the necessary level of comfort.

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