Fitted carpet or linoleum: what’s better?

There are a lot of debates between fans of fitted carpet and linoleum. Some opponents claim that PVC covering is the best because it has a long service life. Also, it is easy to clean and the color scheme is more interesting. Others say that the best flooring is fitted carpet. It absorbs dust, improves the noise insulation and keeps the heat well. Also, it is more pleasant to walk barefoot on the carpet, rather than on linoleum. Let’s find out what’s better.



Linoleum is a smooth, quite strong and resilient coating. The thickness of linoleum ranges from 0.8 to 5 mm, which allows you to lay it on an unprepared surface. Prepare the surface before the linoleum installation. Lino has an upper layer which protects it from abrasion. Linoleum covering is durable due to its thickness. It can be cleaned up with conventional detergents. PVC covering can imitate any surface from the parquet to the complex mosaic covering of Ancient Greece. Sometimes it is called the "Great Imitator".

Fitted carpet

Fitted carpet

Fitted carpet is more expensive material. It perfectly absorbs sounds and is more pleasant to touch too. There are two types of fitted coverings: natural and synthetic. Naturally, fitted carpet is a fabric covering. It can take any form but it can also become "bald" like any carpet after some period. The higher the density of the carpet, the more reliable and durable will be the coating. But this also increases its value. Fitted carpet looks very impressive because it combines the softness and beauty. The color palette of this coating is less extensive than linoleum one.

What type of material should you choose? Linoleum is suitable for a living room, corridor or kitchen. Choose the most wear-resistant version. It is also a great material for imitating any surface. The carpet has pleasant tactile sensations. Such a cover will be very useful for a bedroom. However, you will have to purchase a washing vacuum cleaner for regular cleaning from dust. Both linoleum and carpet will last a long time. It is impossible to say unequivocally what is better. Both coverings are beautiful at home and office. The most important difference is a price. Linoleum is cheaper than fitted carpet. If you want to save money, then choose this material. If you prefer a pleasant tactile sensation and ready for regular cleaning, then choose a carpet.

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