How to Replace a Broken Ceramic Tile

If ceramic tiles flooring is damaged, one unit or more, it is not necessary to begin overhaul. Replacing cracked tiles to the new ones is not complete process and it isn’t necessary to contact the specialist. Of course, providing the tile replacement process must be provided properly and carefully with max accuracy.

To begin with, you should assess the degree of floor destruction - it helps to make the most economically reasonable solution. If the damage is more than 30% of the tiles it would be cheaper to replace the old paint completely - remove the existing material and put cover again.

Complete replacement will provide the opportunity to change the design, use more modern tile material. However, such tiles reconstructions on the floor are not all affordable. The main problem - how to remove old tiles without damage the others. It is easy when the wide joints are between tiles elements.

There are options for removing damaged areas:

  • Sawing the joints using grinder with water;
  • Cutting of joints using a drill with a thin drill bit;
  • Remove the tiles by hand or hammer chisel;
  • A combination of these options, depending on the availability of a tool.

Then remove old adhesive. The floor screed is restored with a help of cement-sand mixture. For individual tiles installation surrounded by preserved floor elements, use tile adhesive only. After the tiles installation the grouting must be done.

If you are not sure that you will succeed, then it is better to contact the professionals.

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