Leakage of water: what you need to know about this?

You do not need to be a professional plumber, but the basics of handling a water and sewer system are still worth learning. This is especially important when it comes to leaks. Protective fixtures can help identify and fix the problem, but it is best not to let this happen.

Useful tips for protection from leaks

10 recommendations will help you reduce the risk of flooding a house or apartment:

  • Keep the pipes warm. This is especially important for external pipelines. If the water does not move in the cold, it freezes. When freezing, the liquid expands and the pipes can burst. After warming through the holes in them, water rushes out.
  • Regularly check all pipes in the house. You may not know exactly how they should work. But it's much easier to understand that something is wrong with them. Do you see puddles of water, rust, falling drops on the floor, deformed metal or plastic? Hence, it's time to call the plumbing for a more thorough inspection.
  • Your sink must always be clean. If the drain hole is blocked, the risk of flooding increases dramatically. Periodically look under the sink and check if everything is in order.
  • Install the stop valve. With the help of a plug on the pipe, you quickly close the water if the tap breaks. It is also recommended to use special leakage protection systems. They quickly detect a problem with sensors. The equipment sends a notice to the owner of the housing and even covers the water supply.
  • All faucets should be firmly fixed on wash basins, sinks, walls. If the connection is loose, vibration may damage the integrity of the pipes.
  • Washers, gaskets and gaskets are much cheaper than repairs for themselves and their neighbors. In time, repair all the plumbing. Do not put it off for the future. If you do not understand the repair yourself, call the plumber. The crane sooner or later starts to leak anyway.

Also we advice: regularly inspect the plumbing, repair it as needed, insulate the pipes and do not allow rust to appear on them. As you can see, everything is simple enough. These simple actions will help you save a lot of nerves and time.

If you notice rust

If you notice rust, then it should be disposed of very quickly. Excellent painting service in Coquitlam our colleagues from PaintCity. The professional team will clean and paint your pipes. PaintCity is engaged in professional painting of houses and offices.

If the pipes have become unusable, can it be time to repair the house?

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