Porcelain Tile Installation Tips and Tricks

The tile installation surface in the recesses is distributed so as the cut tiles of the same width must be in the middle of the surface or symmetrically on its edge.

First, the adhesive solution is applied to a small part of the area, then smooth it up with the help of a notched trowel and then with toothed one. The adhesive composition is also applied to the back of the tile, only 15 minutes are used to put it in. To do this, the tile is placed on the edge and rests on the previously installed. Then, the whole tile is applied on the surface with an adhesive composition, it should be a little pushed away from the rest, stacked tiles lightly pressed into the adhesive composition. The gap between the tiles should not be filled with an adhesive solution. The crosses are used to maintain a constant gap.

The layout level is used to check the tile smooth position. The tile position changing (to move, shift, press) may be done during ten minutes. If you have to take a break in laying porcelain granite tiles on the floor, you should take into account that previously laid granite is sunk, and this one, that will be installed later, will sink more. So, if they continue to be laid at the same level, it may cause the levels difference.

It is necessary to control there were no hollows in the adhesive joint. Otherwise, the tile may crack. The drying process lasts twenty four hours, and full joints strength occurs after 3 days.

After exposure, when the glue is firmly connected with the granite you can produce the grouting. For this purpose, a suitable grout color is taken.

Before grouting, check the joint is clean. Any foreign material can damage the seam and make it difficult to grout. The work itself is done with a special tool - it is so called the grout. Or you can use a rubber spatula.

The weld size (cross) for porcelain granite tiles 30 x 30 cm is three to five millimeters. The slots between the floor and wall, as well as where pipes pass must be filled with silicone.

Solution for grout is applied diagonally according to the lining seams. The remains of grout are removed with a clean damp sponge. You can start regular cleaning the tiled surface in two weeks, not earlier.

If you think that you don’t have enough experience or you are lack of all necessary tools, or simply have no time for such a complex operation, it is worth to consult the professionals.

We are pleased to perform the porcelain tiles installation for you.

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