Tips from carpenter. Technology of installing wooden floor

Beautiful floor covering affects the perception of the house as a whole. From this depends on the comfort and appearance of the room. Natural, environmentally friendly materials are increasingly popular. Installing wooden floors by own hands possibly! But without the availability of relevant experience and tips of professionals it’s really hard.

Laying the floor in houses is made of parquet rivets, paneled parquet or plank flooring.

First, the preparatory layer-the base-is laid. The next stage is wood flooring.

Flooring in a house can be carried out in two ways. The first method involves laying on the ground with the use of logs, the second - on the beams overlap.

Installing wooden floors

Wood processing

Before starting work, flooring boards, logs and gaskets should be treated with a substance to increase refractoriness, as well as a liquid to protect against fungus and putrefactive bacteria.


On the basis of the future floor must lay waterproofing.

Equipment for wooden floor

The most common method is laying a wooden covering on the logs. Among the advantages is the ability of such a design to hide the differences in the level of the floor, the ability to hold under the ground of communication.

Before laying the lag you need to bring it into the room and leave it there for a few days. When stacked, they are positioned at such a distance that subsequently the deflection of the boards is eliminated.

Installing wooden floors

Installing the wooden logs

After the lags are reinforced, the necessary communications are laid between them. Then the insulation is made with the help of mineral wool. From above everything is covered by a hydro-borer.

After this, it is necessary to make a base under the floor, if we want to put parquet or laminate. It can be plywood or OSB slab.

If you make the floor of the boards, you can immediately lay the boards on the logs.

As you can see, it's easy to installing wooden floors with your own hands. But for this it is necessary to have an idea of how this is done.

In the next article, we will tell you how to do the treatment of a wooden floor.

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