Tips of the carpenter. Wood flooring

The wooden covering starts to be destroyed because of natural factors. To prolong the durability of wood and improve the quality of the coating, proper care and treatment of the wood flooring is necessary.

If you want to leave a wooden floor without any covering (carpet, laminate, linoleum), then the final stage will be its processing:

  • grinding;
  • leaching with soda (treatment with soapy soap);
  • priming with a mixture of drying oil and vegetable oil;
  • painting or varnishing.

If you chose the painting option, the following tip will help you. While applying impregnation, varnish or paint, move parallel to the fibers of the tree. So the marks from passing the brush or roller will be less noticeable.

Fans of natural colors are likely to be interested in such an ancient way of processing, as fumigation of wood with smoke. Depending on the type of wood and the quality of wood, different specific shades are obtained.

Wood flooring is simple task. But for grinding it is necessary to have a special machine. For treatment with special compounds - all precautions must be followed.

Laminate is widely used in decorating rooms.This coating has many colors and shades. There are options imitating a tree, but there is a glossy laminate of various colors.

But laminate is another big theme. We'll talk about this in the next articles.

wood flooring

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