Unraveling the common myths about plastic windows

Some people do not want to install plastic windows due to misconceptions about them. Today we will take a look at some of these myths and explain why they are not true.

Condensation accumulates through plastic windows in the room

In fact, any windows in the room may have condensation (if the designs are all right and they do not have cracks). The solution to this problem is very simple and time-tested - regular airing. The more you seal the house, the more moisture it accumulates. After all, she just has nowhere to go. Therefore, good ventilation and ventilation (or both) are required when installing any windows.

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Plastic windows are harmful to the environment

Polyvinyl chloride is a synthetic material, but it is recyclable and reusable. Unlike traditional windows, in the manufacture of PVC structures, the trees do not suffer.

Quality insulation reduces the total amount of energy used. Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.

Plastic windows are expensive

Polyvinyl chloride is even more affordable than traditional materials such as wood or aluminum. This greatly increases the number of people who can order the installation of such structures. Additional savings are achieved by the durability and durability of the windows. They are not destroyed by high or low temperatures, moisture, sunlight. They do not need to be repaired or replaced frequently due to deformation.

Plastic windows turn yellow

This statement was relevant earlier. But window technology has made a lot of progress. Now the production process has improved, PVC has become better and no longer loses color. Even when kept in direct sunlight, it stays white.

Plastic windows are easy to handle

There is a myth that PVC is a flammable material. In fact, the construction of it well resists fire and in this respect are safer than lumber.

Plastic windows look bad

PVC is made of structures of different sizes, shapes and patterns. There are options that mimic a natural tree. You can buy not only white, but also blue, green or some other window. As a result, PVC windows blend well with various architectural styles and interiors.

Installation of plastic windows

Installation of plastic windows

If, after reading this article, you decide to install plastic windows, then you can safely turn to the masters from Renovation Service in Vancouver.

Be sure that the work will be done on time and for the best budget. In this case, the wizard will not only install the windows, but also install the windowsill, make beautiful slopes on the windows.

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