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This bedroom is 140 square feet in a house. In this project we had to work with the ceiling, the floor and the walls. The floor was dismantled to the ground so that it could be insulated with mineral wool. Cuts and floorboards were replaced.

The ceiling was already made of drywall. We conducted an additional putty joints. Later, the ceiling was painted three times to achieve a perfect white color.

The walls were cleaned of the old finish. Racks were stuffed and between them lay a heater – mineral cotton wool. This still gave an excellent noise isolation effect. Perfect Soundproofing!

Then the walls were sewn with pine panels. Paint – acrylic – odorless, quickly dries. Painted the wood panels in two layers. One wall received a bright accent of dark red color – the color of passion.

The final stage – installation of a laminate, skirting boards.

Separate attention was paid to work with electricity. Installed additional sockets and installed a chandelier.

We will tell you all the stages of repair in our blog.

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